Saturday, August 22, 2015

Olive demo

We were very fortunate to have Neville back for a second demo this year- a follow up on last years Olive talk. Olive is such a common species in our collection yet some of us really battle to make them happy.

On a personal level I've learnt I don't fees mine hardly enough during the growing season.
Some members may get thrips or white fly and not treat it with the correct meds or soon enough and lose a branch.

Glad to learn about Brewers yeast and will be teying that on my less healthy plants in the future.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July specials!

Don't forget this weekend will be a pottery class held by Steve Meisie.

Then our last weekend this month is the SABA Coega dig which has always been a big hit for our club


The Alistair and I were very lucky to travel around the western cape this JUNE break and meet up with some fun bonsai enthusiasts. 
This is just a few pics to wet your appetite- if you are ever down in CT give Willem a shout and get to see how the other guys do things

Monday, June 8, 2015

Changes in June Calender

Please Note that our annual Hogsback dig has moved to the 20th June. John Jansen is the go to man - contact him for more info.

27th June is a Swamp Cypress demo - this will now be held at Pioneer Nursery by Neville Wilkens - looking forward to that!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Quick tip

  • Ensure that trees are only fed with nitrogen free fertilisers in the period before dormancy. A sprinkling of bone meal on the soil surface of all trees, particularly pines and flowering bonsai, will be beneficial

Some pics of the baobab demo

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Calender 2015

Meeting start at 1:30
PN= Pioneer Nursery

Date        Venue                     Subject and demonstrator
24 JAN           PN                                       Ariel roots asYamad ori, NZ Christmas tree, LECA
14 FEB            Vic & Ali                                Beginners workshop
28 FEB           PN                                         Tree – Celtis – Sed
14 MARCH      Joy's                                    Workshop- Joy Leonards
28 MARCH      PN                                           African Styles - John Jansen
11 APRIL       PN                                           Workshop/demo ORG Exley & Hannes Frizt
25 APRIL       PN                                           Root over Rock part 2 - Charles Poole
                                                                       Broom style
9 MAY          Weyers                                        Workshop- Gus and Jenny house
23 MAY        PN                                           Airlayering and grafting methods - Mark and Sed

20 JUNE          DIG                                          King/ hogsback dig
27 JUNE        PN                                Swamp cypress demo and workshop - NEVILLE

11 JULY                                                         Pottery Course - Steve Meise
26 JULY         DIG                                          PE Dig

8 AUG            DIG                                          Alexandria Dig - David B
22 AUG          PN                                           Olives part 2 - Neville
                                                                        Fertilizing and show prep

12 SEPT        John's                                        Workshop- Johns house
26 SEPT        PN                                             Bougainvillea - Ray

10 OCT                                                          Workshop
24 OCT          PN                                           Literati - to be confirmed 

21-29NOV                                                         ANNUAL SHOW

28 NOV                                                             AGM AND SHOW REPORT